The FFDS Experience

The FFDS is dedicated to providing learners with an ideal mix of theory and practical hands-on experience to equip them with all the skills necessary to further their passion in factual, documentary and reality TV filmmaking.

Course lectures are provided in person (blended) and live online. The course is structured to allow sufficient time for students to comprehend course content and to permit them time for self-learning that will supplement the course curriculum.

The practical component of each course is designed to provide learners with an authentic hands-on experience of what it is like to create and produce film projects and students will have the opportunity to gain insights from industry experts that are working professionals; able to provide up-to-date, practical knowledge and skills.

FFDS offers an intensive, interactive and dynamic learning experience for students, who, upon successfully completing their respective course/s, would have harnessed all the skills and practical experience needed to further their passion in factual filmmaking .

Facts and Question

When does the academic year commence at FFDS?

At FFDS, we have 2 intake periods per year: February and July. Short courses may have different intake timings, but typically occur on a monthly basis. 

Space is limited, so register early.

Course fees are payable in advance, prior to registration and commencement of studies. 

How does the FFDS academic programme run?

All theory components of the course take place live online using a webinar platform, with interactive webinar lessons between students and lectures taking place on Mondays and Wednesdays. All practical components of the FFDS course are completed using the FFDS studio facilities or any studio of your choice

  • Selecting a studio other than those provided by FFDS will be at the students own expense. 

  • The methodology of instruction is the same for both the short courses and full-time programmes. 

Studio time:

Studio operating hours range from Thursday to Sunday, however weekend access is limited from 8am to 1pm. Studio times need to be booked in advance via the FFDS Learner Management system.

How long will it take me to complete the FFDS academic programme?

Completion of the FFDS course depends on the type of course chosen; if you select the full-time course, the duration of your studies will be 9 months. A short course is 4 weeks (1 months)

What is our paid internship programme?

Students who successfully pass the 9 month full-time course are eligible for  a further 3 months internship that will take place at anderson studios in Cape Town, Ottery.*

The rate per 2021/2022 is R 3000,00 per month and students will be required to sign a formal internship contract. Terms and Conditions apply.

What is the price of course fees for FFDS?

At FFDS, our course fees are split between the full qualification course and then individual short courses; for more information on pricing, please see our fees section of the website

What must I do if I elect to defer, withdraw from, or fail to complete my studies at FFDS?

You must withdraw prior the course start date. If you have not paid your fees and withdraw after the date you will incur a debt. If you wish to defer, you will be required to contact FFDS admissions who will provide further information and assistance in the process. Non-completion of studies does not normally entitle a learner to any refund. In other words if you do not complete the course, you are not entitled to any refund. The paid internship is only available to students who successfully complete the full-time course and have not contravene any of the student code of conduct policies as in good standing with FFDS.

Does FFDS provide support networks for people with disabilities or special learning needs?

At FFDS, we are fully committed to providing equal opportunities for students with disabilities or special learning needs. For more information, feel free to contact us

Industry Advisory Board

Our Industry Advisory Board is an independent body of experienced professionals brought together on the basis of their expertise to support and advise FFDS. Board Members contribute expertise and ‘industry reach’ that contributes to the current and future activities and development of the school.

Board members come from a diverse mixture of backgrounds, industries and sectors, ensuring a broad perspective on the skills and knowledge requirements in all types of organisations, from micro businesses and start-ups, SME’s to large entities within the factual, documentary and reality TV industries.

Through excellent thought leadership and the sharing of best practice, the Board provides crucial advice and direction around current issues and trends in business so that we are better able to keep our curriculum and employability activities relevant and provide value for our students.
Individual external members of the board provide mentoring and support on specific issues and film projects.

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