Social Media Content Creation

Start Date: 6 February 2023

R 9 200

Personalised learning

Smaller groups

Practical sessions

Credit-bearing course

What You’ll Learn

  • Why is Social Media Marketing Important? 
  • What Content Should I Share on Social Media? 
  • Social Media Platforms 
  • Social Media Management Tools: How to Cut Posting Time in Half!
  • Understand trends in social media 
  • Know how to craft content for an audience 
  • Monitoring responses to posts to refine offering
  • Know the basics of photography using a mobile phone 
  • Learn how to manipulate and edit photos using Google Photos 
  • Understand how to use Canva to create social media posts
  • Filming a short video 
  • Telling a story using videography techniques 
  • Understand editing and uploading of video content

A 2-day in-studio practical application (8 hours each day)

  • Day 1 – Video/Photo Shoot & Post
    Produce a video in the studio, edit video/shoot and post to social media (you may choose any social platform of your choice).  You will also be able to choose any topic for your video/shoot content, however, will be encouraged to select an area that ideally aligns with your preferred area of interest.
    This is your opportunity to apply the knowledge and insights you have learnt through the theory modules.

  • Day 2 – Feedback And Assessment
    The FFDS panel will analyse the feedback from the target audience and you will gain structured lecturer feedback and input on your video/shoot and social post..

    You will also receive direction on how to improve the video/shoot and will also receive a formal assessment on your social media project.

Course Highlights

  • Fully Accredited skills programme 
  • 24 Hours To Become an Expert in Social Media Content Creation (4 Hours of Theory A Week Over 4 Weeks and a 2-Day Practical)
  • Online Live Interactive Sessions 
  • Courses delivered by professionals in the field
  • 2-Day Practical in a Working Studio 
  • Assignment is a portfolio of evidence

Course Overview

Social media has become a key communications platform for both social and business engagement in the modern era. This hands-on course will guide you through the world of social media and equip you with the skills required to produce, manage and deliver dynamic and effective, world-class social media content.

You will learn from leading industry professionals and experts in the media field. Course theory modules are delivered through live online sessions with a practical production component taking place in-studio.

Course Duration

The 4-week Social Media Content Creation Course is made up of 2 x 1-hour live interactive theory sessions each week as well as a 2-day live practical in-studio (8-hours each day).

The course provides a high level of theoretical and practical expertise in Social Media Content Creation and production in 24 hours.

How You’ll Learn

The FFDS Social Media Content Creation course theory is delivered through weekly interactive online lectures and webinars. You will also be required to complete a live practical project over 2-days in-studio (either at our studio premises in Cape Town or Gauteng).

Over the course period, you would also be expected to conduct self-learning to supplement the course modules, based on content and references prescribed by your lecturers.


Upon completion of the FFDS Social Media Content Creation short course, you will be endorsed with a statement of result and receive a certificate of completion.


The FFDS Social Media Content Creation Short Course is a NQF Level 5 course and is aligned with the SAQA unit standard: and The course counts for 13 credits.

 Social Media Content Creation – Course Modules
The course comprises 4 theory modules and a practical assignment, detailed as follows:

Next Steps and How to Start

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Once everything has been confirmed, you start your learning journey to becoming an expert in 24 hours!

Course Details

Course: Social Media Content Creation

Effort: 4- 5 hours per week

Duration: 4 Weeks

Credits: 13

Price: R 9 200

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Career Opportunities With These Skills

    • Social Media Planner
    • Social Media Manager
    • Digital Marketer
    • Small Business Owner